Prototyping & Manufacturing      
  We offer following services .....
  Mock up models Rapid prototype
    Working prototype Small batch production
Prototyping & Manufacture


At Design Edge we have a team of people to develop and make various kinds of prototypes ranging from mock
up models to working prototypes suited for various applications. Expertise in various materials and processes
helps us in quickly realizing a mock up model or a working prototype to quicken the development process.
Depending on the stage of the project various techniques and tools are used to make the required models either
for studying the product and user interaction or for judging the aesthetic looks.


We also take up small batch production of end products or parts which are used for pilot launches. Also complex
assemblies involving multiple materials and processes are taken for small batch applications. Customised
manufacturing involving multiple materials and complex shapes are also taken up independently. We have an in
house assembly centre and all components are sourced from our wide range of vendors.