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Design Research


We believe design research is a range of research activities that generate information and insights at the various stages
of a design process and design management. Following are the important stages in a design assignment we prefer in a
business context:
1.Understanding the users with respect to the context of use of a product and or service
2.Understanding the market and consumers in relation to the product or service under consideration
3.Developing insights and information from the above phases to develop a design brief
4.Developing ideas and solution concepts, evaluating them and progressing towards more specific and holistic
value propositions
5.Developing prototypes and testing them with end users, and other stakeholders such as technical experts and
business representatives.


In today’s times the issues like usability and user experience have become centre-stage as the products and services
are continually becoming more complex and dynamic accompanied by fierce competition in the marketplace.It is in
this context, that user research within the umbrella of design research has assumed importance for the purpose of
rapid and successful product development.


We use the most effective user research methods such as Ethnographic research, Ergonomic research, Semiotic
research and Psychographic research to understand the user in the right context.