Transportation Design

Hutch mobile van


"This vehicle designed to serve the majority of the population of India who live in villages. This
"customer care center on wheels" contains an air-conditioned waiting lounge and two customer
relations' desks.
It was built on Eicher ladder frame chassis. Structural pipes were used to make the frame and
sheet metal panels were added to create the form. To keep the HUTCH shop philosophy intact
large glass windows were provided. Adequate engineering were done to keep the temperature
inside cool. The interior was cladded with vacuum formed ABS plastics to keep a clean look.



Attractive and off beat shape to create a distinct identity.
Robust design engineering to take care of abuse in village conditions.
Clean, Honest look in line with HUTCH corporate philosophy.
Smart use of space housing two customer relation desk and a waiting lounge.
Design to make it easily replicable.